Traffic Engineering Services in Tustin, CA

When it comes to engineering services, few firms offer the robust experience of Hartzog & Crabill, Inc. We’re not just civil engineers in Tustin, CA—we’re also traffic specialists. Our abilities encompass traffic engineering, traffic signal design and operations, as well as civil engineering, city engineering and transportation planning. Our broad range of capabilities and experience gives us a distinct advantage over other firms.

Traffic Engineering Design

Our focus on transportation engineering in Southern California is encompassing. On an annual basis, our staff plan-checks and prepares traffic operations analysis reports and traffic device warrant reports for various city agencies, including:

  • Operational level-of-service (LOS)
  • Traffic signal warrants
  • Left-turn phasing warrants
  • Queuing analyses
  • Multiway stop warrants
  • Flashing beacon warrants
  • In-roadway warning light warrants
  • Traffic calming studies
  • Engineering and traffic surveys for establishing speed limits
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  • Traffic Signal Design

    Turn to our firm when you need help developing plans for traffic signals, traffic signal modification or signal interconnect. We’re equipped with the expertise to handle the design and implementation of a project across every stage. Our mission is to create signal designs that keep congestion low, safety high and motorists happy.

    Everything we do is in compliance with Sections 86 and 87 of the State of California (Caltrans) Specifications and Standard Plans, and we take every variable into account during the process, including utilities, geometries and anything else that may influence design. The result is a robust set of plans, ready for you to review and comment on.

  • Traffic Signal Operation

    We operate 16 traffic signal systems citywide, coordinating and maintaining timing to facilitate the flow of traffic. Our scope of abilities includes timing input into signal system controllers, designing turnkey operational circuitry for traffic signals, and maintaining signal interconnect operations.

    We use our extensive abilities to help cities in resolving traffic signal control complaints. We can assist through signal phasing, equipment upgrades, significant timing adjustments and more. Our goal is to help reduce and eliminate inefficient traffic patterns and hazards through better signal coordination and operation.

  • Signing and Striping

    Our firm assists in surveying roadways for the purposes of signage and striping. We’ll prepare a plan that illustrates the necessary striping demands for new or newly-renovated roadways and intersections. Moreover, we provide the necessary information to coordinate signage installation. For these types of plans, we include applicable technical provisions and engineer’s estimates.
    Traffic Control Plans

    Many variables can cause traffic congestion. Rely on us to survey and understand these variables so that we may provide you with a traffic control plan to alleviate it. We specialize in developing plans during roadwork or construction, as well as in response to nearby detours and disrupted traffic patterns. Our goal is to address the impediment and help you control the flow of traffic more efficiently.

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Enlist Our Firm

We provide critical intersection calculations to several of our client city agencies on a bi-annual basis, for compliance with the region’s Congestion Management Program (CMP) and Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS). Our staff has obtained and analyzed data, prepared exhibits, and developed reports for literally hundreds of traffic device warrant studies.

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